Sheer dressing has been a thing for decades now. A lot of us enjoy throwing our see-through items into our weekend wardrobes but bringing the slightly transparent into the office can be a bit tricky. No matter how good you look, wearing sheer can easily get you summoned to the HR’s office.

Successfully pulling off sheer clothing across your 9 to 5 outfits needs effective strategic layering and a bit of creativity. Combining your solid pieces with your sheer blouses can be a great opportunity to show off your finest lingerie.

To make sure all your bases (and body parts) are covered, we’ve created a list of four ways you should read now to guide you on how you can merge your love for sheer with your work outfits without leaving too much out in the open. Read now.

1. Take Note of What You Wear Underneath

Choose lingerie that is specifically meant to be seen so cross out wearing your usual nude or mango-printed bra. There are a lot of bra styles that you can go with. If you’re the edgy type, go for a solid, black bra and if you prefer the sweet route, a lacey bra will do just fine.

A sports bra is more than ideal for the athletic woman especially if it is combined with pieces that have a gentle touch of drama such as polka dot prints.

2. Mind Your Colors

One thing you also have to consider is the color of your undergarment. Try not to wear the same color of sheer blouse as the bra you’ll have on underneath. Try and create some contrast by doing color mixing such as wearing black and white.

Also, avoid skin-toned bras as they’ll give you a nude aesthetic underneath which might be a bit too bold for a professional setting.

How To Wear See Through Blouse For Work

3. Layer It

If you’re not the type to show off your bra, you can always wear a camisole or a bandeau top beneath or over the sheer top. A crisp button-down combined with a sheer mesh blouse can also add an edgy vibe to your office look.

Layering your sheer blouse can give you the right amount of coverage that will make your sheer blouses admissible in the office.

4. Style Your Sheer Outfit Appropriately

How you style your sheer dressing will dictate the response you get in the office. You can combine it with a blazer and pants for a structured look. However, such structured looks tend to look heavy on feminine frames.

If you haven’t quite warmed up to sheer blouses, try those with transparent sleeves and a solid bodice. Sheer tops with prints can make the blouses look less transparent since the prints will serve as a distraction.

Wear Your Sheer Blouses With Confidence

Many professional settings, both corporate and creative, have an unspoken rule about not wearing sheer dressing but with a bit of finesse, you can make your sheer blouses appropriate for office wear.

How To Wear See Through Blouse For Work

But there’s something so alluring in showing a tad touch of the skin by wearing a see-through blouse. The tips highlighted above should help you accessorize your sheer outfits appropriately for any professional setting.

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