One of the most awesome things about studying and exploring history is that you get to go through some of the amazing stories the world has ever heard. Some of these stories are too amazing to believe and you will only get more excited to know that that it’s real, with authentic evidence.

The ancestors of this world far back into the past, have created amazing wonders that we see as historical monuments today. Even though a picture is said to be the same as a thousand words. Some monuments that we capture in photos had thousands of parchments written about them. The architecture, ingenuity, aesthetics and everything else that was put into work is just an amazing thing to see at an age of the past. This article is about a person who was amazed by these jaw-dropping monuments and decided to create concept art on how it would look if it remained the same in the modern world. His name is Evgeny Kazantsev, a digital designer and artist who put his skills to work on something he loves.

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#1.  Located In Constantinople.

Takkyubin Observatory

This was built in 1577 in Constantinople and it was the biggest observatory in the world for the known medieval age. But sadly it was demolished three years later since it was not used and unnecessary according to Sharia law.

#2. Hanging Gardens In Babylon.

Hanging Gardens

This was listed as one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. King Nebuchadnezzar II had this amazing structure and Palace built for his wife, Queen Amytis since she missed the green, back at home.

#3. Colossus Of Rhodes.

Colossus Of Rhodes

Built by Chares of Lindos in 280BC. This statue reminds of the brave defense of Rhodes against an enemy seize for a period of a year! But sadly it was taken down by an earthquake after 54 years of its making. This huge statue stood around 108 feet in the harbor and was considered one of the 7 wonders at that time.

#4. The Statue Of Zeus In Olympia, Greece.

The Statue Of Zeus

This is one of the most iconic statues in history. Made by Phidias, a Greek sculpturing artist in 435 BC, this represents a seated figure of Zeus who is the King of all Gods. The monument was then plated with gold and copper as a tribute to this iconic God.

#5. The Acropolis Located In Athens.

The Acropolis

This is one of the greatest complex of citadels in Athens. With a combination of temples, scholarly halls, and much more, this becomes a hub of Athenian essence. But most of it was destroyed with the Venetians waging war.

#6. The Great Sphinx In Giza, Egypt.

The Great Sphinx

This is a monument that a lot of people know of. This was made during the time of Khafre. It is said that the face has been sculptured to resemble his.

#7. The Babel Tower.

The Babel Tower

Although the location of this is still not completely sure, it is mentioned in the Old Testament while ruins that are suspected to be this were found in Sumeria and Babylon.

#8. The Great Temple In Petra.

The Great Temple In Petra

This was built in the 1st century while there are no traces of what purpose that this building complex serves. It can be both scholarly or even religious.

#9. The Mausoleum In Halicarnassus.

The Mausoleum

Built as tombs for Mausolus, and his wife Artemisia II. This is one of the monumental tombs built since it has a huge amount of architectural value to it and it is also one of the highest elevated tombs.

#10. The Temple Of Artemis In Ephesus.

The Temple Of Artemis

This was dedicated to Artemis the sister of Apollo. This temple for this goddess started its construction in the Bronze Age and after a series of constructions, it was completed in 550 BC, around a decade of work.

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