For most people, cakes are a guilty pleasure reserved for special occasions. Let’s be honest, everybody loves a nice slice of chocolate or vanilla cake and just thinking about one is enough to make your mouth water.

Darci from Canmore in Alberta, Canada, is an expert at designing and baking custom cakes for weddings and various other events. The internet was blown away when it landed its gaze on some of her cakes involving tiny miniature dogs who just couldn’t help themselves and had a bite out of the professional pastry pieces. Darci’s cake designs are some of the most unique and creative ones we’ve seen so far, often incorporating nature scenes, pop culture characters, and even tiny adorable dogs.

In a recent interview, the baker said that she has been creating cakes for about three years now. Her intricate takes can take up to three days to finish – and that’s not counting prep days.

“My cakes are pretty simple. I love simple modern looks that look more effortless then done up,” said Darci. She said she cares more about the inside of the cake rather than the looks.

The golden retriever cake really won over everyone’s hearts and Darci says it was created for a local wedding planner whose clients wanted their dog to be the pet of the day. “I also have a dog that is newly adopted, his name is Kiwi and he is 14,” added the baker. “He is my life and I think including fur babies into cakes is a fantastic idea! Everyone should do it!”.

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