During this lockdown with all the free time in our hands, people have begun to keep themselves occupied and entertained through various means. These include baking, hairstyling, cosplaying, and many more.

Fanny and Norbert, a Hungarian couple who are huge movie enthusiasts, are recreating popular movie scenes using household utensils like eggs, spatulas, toilet papers, and what-not while under lockdown. It’s their love for movies that had inspired them to start recreating movie scenes in a hilarious manner. Both Fanny and Norbert are former performers specializing in live events and are also the leaders of the Improvocal improvisational theatre.

#1 Men In Black

#2 Commando

#3 Up

“When we were still at university, we loved dressing up whenever we had the chance so thanks to those days, we have had a lot of accessories and costumes,” said Fanni. She also added, “Now we have a lot of time to do things we couldn’t do before, so we tried to make the best out of this situation while also using our creativity.”

#4 Iron Man

#5 Wreck-It Ralph

#6 The Shining

#7 Fight Club

#8 Scarface

#9 Charlie Chaplin

#10 Star Wars

#11 Pulp Fiction

#12 Hannibal

“Even though it’s a bit more difficult than usual, we always keep in mind that we have to be flexible in these extreme situations and we have to look for new possibilities. Maintaining our creativity aside, our main goal is to put a smile on people’s faces during these hard times,” Fanni added further.

#13 Rocky

#14 Indiana Jones

#15 First Blood

#16 Harry Potter

#17 Ghost

#18 Brokeback Mountain

#19 Shawshank Redemption

#20 Forrest Gump

#21 Love Actually

Fanni and Norbert”s recreations
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