Due to the increase in population, most of the people in cities live in apartment complexes or high-rise flats with limited space. This news is for such people who would love some fresh fruits and vegetables in the winter, but do not have enough space nor time for gardening.

A new hydroponic system has been introduced by IKEA, a Swedish company, that allows the users to grow vegetables throughout the year in a small space. The specialty of this system is that it’s very easy for beginners as preceding gardening knowledge or experience is not needed to obtain a sufficient harvest. This series is known as KRYYDDA/VAXER.

The only necessities for anyone to use this are an ample amount of sunlight, water, and lots of love.

A hydroponic farm
A hydroponic farm

First, the seeds are given the right amount of moisture using special absorbent foam plugs until the seeds are germinated successfully. Thereafter, they are shifted to separate pots filled with Pumice rocks, and then the pots are placed on a tray equipped with an internal water sensor to ensure that all the plants get enough water. Also, a solar lamp should be placed in places where sunlight is unavailable.

Indoor gardening kit
Indoor gardening kit

This product was specially made to provide a more sustainable, healthier, and eco-friendly method of growing and harvesting crops for average consumers, according to Helena Karlen from the Swedish University of Agricultural Science.

Watch the video below to learn more

The product creators believe that the grower can obtain the same benefits wherever you are, and whenever you want from this product. The VAXER series allows the customers to enjoy the benefit of free seeds, starter plugs, nursery boxes, cultivation of insect sets, fertilizer, pumice stones, cultivation light fixtures, and cultivation light. Additionally, this series is reasonably priced compared to traditional means of harvesting.

Watch the below video to know the story behind VAXER series

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