A young couple in Tennessee was shattered after a miscarriage but were strongminded to have a good family life. When they came to know that they were pregnant with a “rainbow baby” they did six pregnancy tests to quell their shock.

After a while, they came to know that they were having a baby girl and they got to know that the baby is having a brain disorder called Anencephaly. It means that the baby’s brain would not develop and grow well. Anencephaly is a serious birth defect in which a baby is born without parts of the brain and skull.

CDC estimates that each year, about 3 pregnancies in every 10,000 in the United States will have anencephaly.1 This means about 1,206 pregnancies are affected by these conditions each year in the United States.


It’s a piece of devastating news which is very hard to bare as parents. As per the doctor’s views parents has to either carry her to term or mom could get induced right then. However, both options did not work well, therefore, they visited her OB-GYN. Even with this condition, the parents didn’t give up, their focus did when the doctor said they could carry her to term and donate her organs.


In case Rylei couldn’t make it, the parent’s objective was to help other parents to take their little ones home. Therefore, they made the decision to donate the Rylei’s Organs.

Few days before the Christmas they induced labor that would last more than 48 hours. However, Rylei could make it on December 24th. She was born and doctors did not expect her to survive, Even the organ donation specialists waited impatiently for the baby to arrive. This was a surprise for everyone.

They told that once the cord was cut the baby would pass rapidly. So that it would not waste the time and taking her organs can be done in the correct manner.


They waited more than thirty minutes before they cut the cord, somehow, little Rylie fought with all the challenges. Nurses kept the baby girl on mom’s chest. Fortunately, and after an hour, Rylei was still strong. The nurse put a monitor on her.

mom and baby

Twelve hours was passed and she was still stable. Parents took her home after a week of time. Rylei brought happiness for the whole family.

mother father baby

In an article written by mom Krista, she shared that two kids would live a lot longer because of little Rylei and “…If I wasn’t able to bring my baby home forever, at least others could.

cute baby

A child is the best gift where any parents can have, and little Rylei was special a gift. parents are unbelievable people for giving her a chance to live and to support others. We need to wish them so that they can have healthy babies in their future.

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