“Cat-dog fights” is a phrase that expresses a violent fight or argument. In the case of humans, one can even fall in love with the person that was at a time their worst enemy. The same goes for cats and dogs. As it says in the above phrase, there is a natural tendency for the relationship between the two different animals to be the opposite. The coldness between cats and dogs has significantly quietened down to non-aggressive relationships with time and socialization.

Both cats and dogs have long been in the company of humans. Dogs have managed to maintain a close tie with people as a result of the commonalities between them and have eventually obtained their honorable title as “man’s best friend”. Cats, on the other hand, were first domesticated by Egyptians. They were tolerated by humans thanks to their choice of prey which is mostly a burden to humans.

Statistics reveal that most households show a rise in raising both cats and dogs. In such instances, it is common to have a cold war between the two species, and sudden outbreaks of dominance and territoriality due to the natural instincts of the two species. But, love and friendship don’t fail to overwhelm the spotlight.

Adorable Cat & Dog

The most common issue in such households is dogs chasing cats during which many cats flee while some others take actions such as hissing, groaning, or swiping the dog. Animal behaviorists say that while dogs have a predatory drive, cats are fearful to which dogs don’t know how which way to react.

When cats and dogs are in the same house, slow and controlled introductions are advised. Also, it is important to watch for potential problems to avoid or minimize future implications. Rarely, the probability of this working out is ‘never’. Despite that, it usually takes several weeks for cats and dogs to build a positively interacting friendship. When it does there is nothing more lovable or sweeter.

One such moment of the adorable cat-dog relationship was captured by Lisa Olsen from Indiana and shared on her YouTube, which shows her cat Jasper and her pup Beagle Bo looking out of the window. What got attention was how close the two friends were, with Beagle’s one arm over Jasper.

Jasper and Beagle Bo

About this heartwarming moment, this is what Lisa had to say.

“I was super excited to catch this beautiful bonding moment of two animals showing love for one another. It needs to be shared with the world. I want people to remember to slow down, live, and love at the moment with who you are with.”

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