No matter how much we sleep throughout the night, waking up in the morning is a big challenge for us. Therefore, we rely on a noisy alarm clock to wake up in the morning. Sometimes, we are using the snooze button when we are unable to wake up properly. However, hitting snoozes interrupts our sleep cycle and can result in us feeling more tired throughout the day.

Therefore, we are going to ease our self with the help of high voltage ejector bed. The Ejector Bed doesn’t take snoozing lightly. As an example, if we try to oversleep it will knock us right out of bed.

More info: | Youtube (h/t: dailydot)

In the meantime, it flashes its lights with the sounds of car horns.

If we fear, we will cling to the sheets and remain asleep. Therefore, we will need to set it to the maximum power mode.

We also can leave our shorts at the bottom of the bed. Therefore, we can start our day earlier as we hope.

The High Voltage Ejector Bed video:

Colin Furze’s making-of video: