Lets  say You’ve been working really hard and results are there. You beat the goals given to you  suggested and wrote your best proposal , found out all the major issues at work and have given the best solutions, Then what happen? you looked around for somebody to appreciate  what you accomplished and nothing happened

It’s no fun thing at a job where your efforts go unnoticed . This is one of the examples you might feel more negative in your life. Therefore these negative thoughts and feeling will be lead your self to a negative energy or negative situation.

When these negative circumstances  consumed you and one negative thought led to another that led to another that led to another? and you feel there is no option but to stick with the situation. Have you been there?

Anyway lets see No matter the circumstances, how you can use some  tips to  improve your ability and chase the negative energy away. 🙂

When eight hours of sleep still leave you exhausted.

You have setup your alarm to get 8 hours sleep  but still find yourself tired just a few hours after you get up. so you feel drowsy the following day without even noticing what is happening to you.

You are under too much stress.

You will require  certain level of stress to be productive, to motivate us to achieve our life goals. Some how There will be a time you will get angry with others and blame or scold them for no reason.  mean while you think what if you can take back the things you have said. and you cannot control your self. You are totally stressed and freaked. why this is happening to you ? because when you feel like everything is on your shoulder to take care and you are responsible for what is happening around. So here the Stress has become a problem when it tips over from being helpful.

Less focus to take care of myself.

So you work long hours at work.  You are  given numerous deadlines. You are tied up with office schedules.  You don’t have much free time. You definitely don’t have time to get sick or even to eat you favorite cheese cake. when you are surrounded by negative thoughts and when you are tied up with many responsibilities, You are not be able to sense or feel your self. Simply you cannot find your  self.

Relaxing is impossible.

When you become a negative energetic person relaxing is not your thing. You will totally forget how to relax or you would not take it to your priority list. We miss important time with our families and don’t even realize it. You will  unable to take a break from your daily routine.

You lose things all the time.

Can’t seem to remember where you left the room keys and struggle to remember what are the tasks you were given at office? Can’t remember ? Keep forgetting things? If things are miss out from your mind more often, you may wonder why this is happening to you and you get disappointing when others are scolding at you for your mistakes.

Less communications with others.

When you are under a negative energy you find it easier it to avoid communicating with others. You will get backward to connect and communicate externally with others.  you will prefer internal communication with your mind rather than talking to one another.Therefore you will get in to certain misunderstandings while you are refusing to explain your self to others.

You will turn to someone else.

Haven’t you heard from your friend or parents or your partner that you are acting very weird ?? You are giving immature or naive ideas to others or acting like a rude or immature person. You feel out of place and like people are judging you  as being weird, rude and strange. This is because these energies have a grasp on you.

Negative Thoughts.

we have negative thoughts that we think every day, those thoughts are going to deposite in our minds. Therefore  negative thinking  may impact on issues at work or family life. for example.lets say that you have seen a car accident while you are walking or You have experienced a bad incident today morning  while you are walking to work place and you will get repetitive negative thoughts on same, So this  might not make any connection to your daily activities but you cannot help your self get a away what happend in today morning. This will influence on your daily routine and you will become a negative energetic person.

Negative thinking includes the words that you say and think, and it also includes negative visualizations, self-talk , mentally replaying unhappy memories.