It’s never easy to just walk away from these kind of relationships. Like borrowing books from a library, we borrow these people into our lives. If we carry on with them for longer, we’re going to have to pay a price.

Being stuck in such a relationship or friendship doesn’t make you a loser, but escaping it will surely make you a winner.

Deadlock and unreciprocated relationships

Life is a gift that doesn’t last long. So, why waste it unappreciated or unloved?

You’ve probably told yourself numerous times that you can fix him/her. Forget it. You should save yourself first. Get out of it before the consequences are handed over to another generation. Letting your own heart shatter into pieces by leaving a noxious or rude relationship is better than letting that person break your heart every single day for the rest of your life. Live a better life, you deserve it.


Rejecting friendships

It is quite true that “some of the most poisonous people come disguised as friends and family”. The kind of friends that remember you only when they need help, always have something negative to say or are jealous of your success, obviously don’t deserve to keep you occupied. Life is short. If you don’t want to spend it in vain, leave the friends who are loyal only to their need of you.

Say goodbye before you regret it and reward yourself with a new hello.


Noxious family members

Family is those who stay during both joyous and sad times. If the people you consider as family give you a hard, miserable time, there’s no reason to keep them around, even if they are blood relatives.

Just because you have a blood relationship with someone, it doesn’t mean you have to bear it with them. They are the most dangerous kind of people because they have a reasonable reason to take advantage of you. Push such people away. You have the right to choose who will stay or leave in your life.

It you’ve pushed these kinds of people out of your life, then you’ve won the prize to live an untroubled life with better people.

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