You think about your daily schedule? Pending house work, documentation for your clients or may be appointments with your clients etc?


you think of the scheduled holiday and the lovely time you are going to have with your friends, the charity you have involved and going to do. Even Though certain things might have not yet done but you are happy thinking about them

According to Albert Einstein,

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe.”

Is your surrounding world friendly or hostile? The decision is yours and you should do it on a daily basis. Question yourself whether the world is good or bad when you day starts.

Make the decision everyday where your perception about the world you live with because it has an impact for your attitude which makes your happiness.

You become more thoughtful when unexpected things happen. Missed the train ? Don’t worry there is another and its nothing serious because you did not ran over by the train. Enjoy the more time you have in the subway. Is there an elder person crossing slowly where you have stopped your fast vehicle? Be patient and happy to giving the way.

So basically stating your day with a positive attitude your mind will be trained to not to react negative things especially if things don’t happen as you planned. Thinking positive will make a chain reaction of good things throughout your day.

According to Susan Reynolds, co-author of Train Your Brain to Get Happy, “feeling pleasure can be so stimulating for your brain that it is primed to respond to pleasure in a way that reinforces that pleasure.”

Simply this means that what goes is also what comes around.

If your day start gives your mind a negative attitude about where you live then your day will be hard. You will be easily pissed off for even small incidents like waiting in the traffic or waiting in a bank counter queue.

Your plans seems not to be working on a regular basis which prove the world you live by is not a good place.

So it is always good to have positive thoughts when the day starts. It’s always good for your health.

Decision of starting the day with positive thoughts also give a very good return of health benefits. It gives you the strength to face the problems in life and you won’t be turned down easily. Reduce your stress and decreases anxiety. People like this has a more lifespan because they deal with stresses situations in a relaxed way, It is easy to end up with a negative attitude. You cannot attend a general work without seeing any negativity in it.

It also blocks you from being happy. Prevents you from Reaching goals. It is also related to the state of health.

To get the maximum out of this concept you have to start your day with positive thoughts and there are some proven ways to kickstart that.

Even from the statements which depicts positive attitude can help enormously. It should remind you the good effect after the activities you do.

Focus on the goals achieved after you do some serious set of tasks.

Identify people with positive thoughts it helps you to keep in the positive track. Appreciate good things in life as there are plenty of things you have in your life already rather than worrying what you dont have.

This is very simple. Not a big change of regular things in you life but if you just start to focus on good things when the day starts . the kick started chain reactions will lead you to a very good life.

Ask from yourself and Just choose the good path which leads your life healthy and happy.
It is just a matter of your choice.

Good luck.!