We all dream to have a long lasting relationship. To grow old with him, to cook for him and to have a wonderful family and have that ever-lasting love. But now a day, finding a partner who would stay with us even after that first sparkle is gone, is something that is truly hard. People would often change with one harsh word, with one rude glance or a mistake and therefore, some of us show reluctance to fall into an affair without being sure about him.

However, there are some who would tolerate all your mistakes and flaws not because they don’t care, but because he loves you too much so that your little mistakes would not bother him.  Here are a few things that a man would do, if he really loves you and needs to be with you forever.

1. He will always think you to be beautiful (with or without makeup)

He will hardly care whether you are with makeup or not, he will love you the same. We use makeup because we have a slight notion that we would look imperfect without proper makeup. However, he will love you, even more, when you are without makeup because that is real you.

2. He doesn’t care about your weight

Well, we all worry a lot when we increase a few pounds. We shower between questions such as “will he lose his interest in me now as I am fat?”, “will he go for someone else now as I don’t look good?” and so.  But the truth is your weight would not be an issue for him at all, your love doesn’t depend on your figure. Just keep that in mind.

3. Age is only a number to him

You might worry a lot when you spot a few grey hairs and wrinkles. You would be so much concern about the ways to cover them up and try to maintain a young portfolio forever. But, the truth is he would not get affected by the fact that you are getting old. It would be something that will make him love you deeper. It will only make him realize that he has spent a lot of wonderful years with you and best is yet to come!

4. He is not a control-freak

He will never try to control you by doing what you like and pretend that he is doing all these things because he cares for you. Truth is that when he truly loves you he would never try to prevent you from doing what you want. Of course, he would guide you and support you in necessity but would never be a hindrance in your path.

5. He is fine with your mood swings

He will understand the difficulties you undergo daily and would never get onto you based on such things. He would never force you to do this and that even when you are having some physical difficulties and instead will make u have a nap while he does things by himself.

6. He supports you in difficult times

You would never be left alone to look after your things when he really loves you. No matter what the problem is, he will always try to support you and encourage you to reach for best. You would not feel ashamed to tell your financial difficulties, your family matters and simply anything as you know he will stay in all good and bad.

7. He doesn’t try to change you

When a man wants to build his future with you, he would never force you to change according to the way he wants. He will accept who you are and never complain about the things you do and say. He is aware that no one is perfect and by trying to change you, he will only make you into a machine that will act as bid. So, trying to change you is never his way.

8. He forgives your mistakes

He perfectly understands the fact that we all are humans and we tend to make mistakes. He will not always make you remind of what you have been doing in the past and try to make you upset all the time. Instead, he would be ready to forget and forgive as even the thought of losing you would be scary.

9. He will help you to get over with your past

When a man truly loves you, he would not try to stop you from talking about the past and the experiences you had in the past. He would be a patient listener and will listen to all your fears and doubts. He will assure you things would not be like that again and his love and protection will make you forget all the bitter memories you are having.

10. He is there for you when you feel down

When you are so low and down, he would naturally sense that and will try his best to cherish you. He will never get over you for not talking and being out of the mood and instead will do his best to take things back to normal.

11. He gives you space

When you need some time to be alone and figure out things, he would understand your feelings and will give you the space that you need. He would never be a hindrance and will be the only person who understands you truly and dearly.

All the men that we meet in life would not be the same. But, if you meet someone like this, they never let him go. There would hardly be anyone like him in your life again.

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