Amidst strict social isolation orders, thousands of people filled out California’s beaches during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the United States being the latest hotspot for the coronavirus, it’s both surprising and saddening to see Americans digging their own grave.

Although Governor Gavin Newson pleaded Californians to stay home, the summer-like heatwave flocked lots of people to Huntington and Newport Beaches on Friday and Saturday. He tweeted: “CA will only be able to flatten the curve if we stay home and engage in self isolation. You have the power to literally save lives.”

Ignoring Strict Distancing Orders, Thousands Flock To California Beaches
Image: Broadimage/Shutterstock

Not only beaches, but many other public places such as Lovers Point Park, Pacific Grove Beach, and Beach at the Southern end of Monterey Bay too have been closed to the general public by the police, due to lack of social distancing practices among Californians.

Ignoring Strict Distancing Orders, Thousands Flock To California Beaches
Image- Broadimage/Shutterstock

Police officers in San Diego have also arrested three people in Encinitas, as they have protested against beach closures, violating health orders. Police officers on horseback patrolled Los Angeles City and county beaches to enforce distancing rules and regulations.

Florida’s beaches including famous Daytona Beach were allowed to remain open for people engaging in physical activities such as walking, surfing, biking, or swimming. County Manager George Recktenwald released a warning statement that said: “At this point, we’re still under the governor’s essential exercise order, so if you’re on the beach, you should be physically active.”

There has been 41,137 confirmed cases and 1,651 coronavirus deaths in California, at the time of publication. It’s high time for Americans to take this pandemic seriously and act accordingly.

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