If you are a plus-sized woman, you love summer while you hate it. It’s hot, you feel tense to be outside more, ao you decide to watch all your TV series at home. The main reason would be a plus-sized woman choose to avoid being in a swimsuit. They are scared that society will judge them in a cruel way.

However, they are women who have a good confidence level and do not care about the harsh society. So this is one of the admirable women who define what occurred when she wore a low-rise bikini to the beach, and the mixed responses she got from the overall public.

Experience. Her name is Marie Southard Ospina, she writes via Bustle about her experience with wearing a two-piece bikini to the Spain beach. Her objective was to see how people would respond when she walked by.

Inspiration. One woman has written about her experience wearing a bikini to the beach, Ospina has inspired by that information and she decided to find out the truth by herself. The only change she has made was, she wore a high-waisted swimsuit rather than wearing a low-rise bikini.

Plus-Size Woman

Vulnerable. “I’ve never worn a low-rise bikini, not even when I was at my slimmest in high school or as a child. I’ve feared how vulnerable it would make me, much like I’ve feared purchasing plus-size lingerie for the same reason,” told Ospina in Bustle.

Reactions. In spite of her doubts and uncertainties, Ospina set out in her bikini, she was waiting to see the reactions she would get from people in society. So she kept track of everyone she met, and she mentioned that she got positive and negative reactions simultaneously.

women in bikini

Couples. As per Ospina, she says that most of the time, the negative reactions she received from the young couples. Men always took the first step to show her to their partners.
Mocking. “Three young couples in total looked at me mockingly, and in each instance, it was the man who alerted the woman to my presence,” writes mentioned in Bustle.

Offended. Ospina mentioned that most of the women would not notice her much if it wasn’t for the men who were pointing her out. “It’s almost as if the men were so offended,” She mentioned.

fat woman

Polite. All most all the older couples were very encouraging and polite while younger couples were so judgmental. “It gave me hope that people will outgrow their intolerance,” writes Ospina

Name-calling. She overheard a man calling her names and he was with his family. It is clear that he was educating his children to be horrible towards the other people. So it was something hurtful to her.

Phobia. “I don’t doubt that fatphobia, along with any other phobia directed at groups of human beings, is often learned behavior. But seeing it in action threw me completely off guard, and was, in some senses, the most devastating part of the experiment,” mentioned Ospina in Bustle.

woman in red dress

Girls. “Look at the fat woman,” She overheard from one of the girls who was huddling together with her friends.

Other women. “A handful of times we’d catch sight of each other and we’d smile. Solidarity amongst women is a powerful thing, especially when it’s women you just know can relate to what you’re going through,” mentioned Ospina in Bustle.

fat woman in swimsuit

Reactions. As per her conclusion, a lot of people that were at the beach the day that she wore her low-rise bikini, only a few people seemed to notice her, and if it wasn’t because of the fact that she was intentionally observing for people’s responses, Ospina says she wouldn’t have paid them any attention in the first place.

fat woman in bikini

Encouragement. She says that any women can wear anything without losing her self-confidence and girls do not have to be fear of society. Most of the people are very judgmental on anything and that cannot be stopped. However, we can always choose to be ourselves.

Embrace. “Rather, it is our perceptions and close-mindedness toward the different, the obscure or the quirky that need to change. And in the meantime, the only way to normalize the ‘abnormal’ is to embrace it — to wear the bikini if you want to, or dress in drag if you so please,” mentioned Ospina in Bustle.

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James Rowe
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