What your heart tells you is always not the right. We often hear people telling do as your heart says but, most of the times our heart is clouded by various thoughts. Sometimes, out of happiness, we take the wrong decisions. When you are angry and your heart is enclosed by sorrowful thoughts, you will often judge things wrongly. So, it is not wise to follow what the heart says all the time.

Specially, when it comes to love, we see our heart always carry us to nowhere. We long to have sweet words, little cuddles, occasional texts, and lovely dates and the ultimate result of all these desires is we ending up in a total failure. Our heart doesn’t know whom to trust and when to give our loyalty. So, the following emotions can lead us to misfortune in certain occasions.

Every day, we wake up with different thoughts and emotions. Sometimes we wake up with a big urge to love everyone and cherish our soul with pure happiness. Some other days these feelings can be totally different and we may wake with a need to be loved by someone. We may feel totally broken down and will need someone’s good care and attention to fix us again into a good shape. We are like total loss with all these emotions and we can be perplexed in selecting the best thing for ourselves.

This is why we often over think and end up in nowhere. Our own emotions always put us in a dilemma and it is hard to solve things only with guidance and the support of our inner self. We need someone to show us the right path and take care of us in our distress. We need a shoulder to lean on and we need hands to wipe our tears. Thankfully, we are having God.

God will always be there for us and you will feel his presence when you are agitated and need help. When your heart put you in a maze and you find it impossible to find the right path, he would be there to help you, to guide you. You can trust him from your whole heart and he will never deceive you by any means.

You have to learn to trust him. You are still earning many things in the world and don’t get forsake by temporary illusions. You must learn to live beyond reason and understand things beyond your feelings. Trust God and he will show you the way to solve everything. He will calm you down and make your heart beat in a tranquil phase. So, listen to God rather than listening to your feelings.

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