When discussing cannabis, most people only think about CBD products such as the CBD infused syrup and other THC products. People rarely think about CBC oils, which are other secondary cannabinoids.

CBC, the short form for cannabichromene, is a non-poisonous, legal cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis. It can be used to produce tincture oils and hemp-based products like edibles and cartridges. If you’ve been asking yourself what is CBC oil, you’re in the right place. This article will tell you the essential things you need to know about CBC oil.

CBC Oil In a Nutshell

CBC oils are created from hemp plant extracts that have less than 0.3% THC. CBD and CBC oils share similar characteristics like coming in tincture form and containing a specific number of milligrams. Most companies sell CBC oil products having terpenes to improve their overall benefits.

CBC oils work on the body’s ECS (endocannabinoid system). Some studies show that products from these oils are CB2 receptor agonists. They also interact with TRP action channels, just like CBD. However, there’s still no study available to show how they interact with CB1 receptors.

Pros of Using CBC Oils

Though CBC oils have no scientific backings, users have expressed some ways it has helped them. Before you use them for any purpose, ensure you first contact your doctor for advice. But here are some benefits that they may offer you.

  1. Pain Reduction

Some users have confirmed that using CBC can help to minimize pain and inflammation. That’s because it’s a CB2 receptor agonist that communicates directly with the body’s immune system making it an effective painkiller. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also help you if you have arthritis.

Tincture oils are particularly perfect for pain remedy because they have fast-acting effects. This makes CBC fit for treating inflammation flare-ups that are managed by fast relief treatments.

  1. Combating Anxiety And Depression

Using cannabinoids have been shown to help in treating mental issues, and CBC is no exception. They have the potential for combating both anxiety and depression. In research testing the antidepressant properties of different cannabinoids, CBC and CBD were found to be effective. The study’s authors also discovered that CBC could elevate mood levels.

  1. Treating Acne

CBC, like other cannabinoids, may give you results if you apply it on your skin. According to a 2016 research, CBC and other two cannabinoids, THCV and CBDV, are highly effective anti-acne agents.

It’s not surprising that CBC can treat acne because it has anti-inflammatory properties. This oil soothes sebaceous gland inflammation and minimizes the production of sebum, thus controlling acne.

You should apply CBC oil products on your skin to receive maximum benefits. Combining tincture oil and another body cream may be an expensive topical oil application.

  1. Preventing Alzheimer’s

Some studies show that CBC has neuroprotective qualities that can stimulate neurogenesis in vital parts of the brain. According to a 2013 research paper, CBC can improve the viability of the progenitor cells in adults. However, this research wasn’t built upon years of research, though evidence shows that cannabinoids can protect the brain.

Important Things You Need To Know About CBC Oil

CBC Products’ Side Effects

With little research on CBC, much of its side effects are still unknown. However, science suggests that non-psychoactive cannabinoids such as CBC are less addictive, low-risk, and minimally abused. Despite CBC seeming harmless, you want to be careful if you’re using it while pregnant. Using it during this period may result in an imbalance in the levels of endocannabinoids in the body.

The Bottom-line

Though most people don’t use CBC oils, its use is gaining popularity. Like other cannabinoids, it has various benefits, such as treating acne, preventing Alzheimer’s, and combating anxiety and depression. Little is known about its side effects.

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