Roses are the most famously loved flowers of all time. They are known symbolically for romance since very old times. With over 100 types of different species of this flower, and many more sub-classifications. Briefly, anyone in the world identifies a rose and knows what it is without any doubt.

But it is most popular to be a red or white flower in its two classic appearances. This article is about a hybrid where you will get both of those classic colors in one rose. This is known as the Osiria rose, which has been virally shared all over the internet for its amazing blend of colors. At first, some people who saw pictures of these flowers called it an edit. But it was originally made by Reimer Kordes, a German floral breeder, in 1978. Scroll down to read more about these amazing flowers.


Photo: Stock Photos from stocktr/Shutterstock

This flower particularly is more fragrant than the other roses. If you like to grow one of these rose plants in your garden, there are a handful of issues you should look into. These types of plants are hard to come by. They are no abundantly available in flower shops. Even the online buyers of ‘mixed’ seeds rarely find one of these seeds.


(Photo: @Chogieswagz)

Even though you find one and get it to grow, botanical enthusiasts say that this type of rose plant is a bit harder to maintain than the other rose varieties. Its fragrance can attract a lot of unwanted insects as well. So, if you are up for a challenge, it will surely be a rewarding experience with this amazing flower that everyone is going crazy over.

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Photo: HGTV


Photo: Malcolm Manners (CC BY 2.0)


Photo: Stock Photos from Rajesh Shakya/Shutterstock


A tiger-striped version of the Osiria rose. (Photo: @Chogieswagz)

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