A dog was found alone in a train station in Scotland back in 2015 tied to a suitcase containing a pillow, a toy, some food, and a bowl. He was a young Sharpei mix who later became famous as Kai and he was indeed needed of an eye operation very soon.

It was a familiar sight on social media about this news and Kai’s photos went rapid and wild among many. People around the world, who loved animals, became so affected after hearing this news. As per the Scottish law abandoning an animal is a federal offense under Scotland’s Animal Health And Protection Act of 2006. The culprit will be prohibited to keep other animals to themselves.

Kai’s microchip was scanned by the Scottish SPCA and the identity of the previous owner was revealed. The owner claimed that he sold Kai back in 2013. The buyer’s identity was not documented and it was confusion among everybody.

After a few months of this, the Daily record confronted the person who left the dog at the station. She was a mother who told the newspaper that Kai was advertised for sale online. When she arrived to purchase the dog, it was different and not like the one which was advised online. She claimed that the owner went away in his car before she questioned about it. She got scared as her daughter was suffering from asthma and their last train home was about to leave the station. So she did not have any other choice but to leave the dog at the station along with a suitcase of supplies.

The puzzle about Kai was solved. But another question arose. That is finding a loving home for Kai where he can stay happy and cared for the rest of his life.

Out of hundreds of applications, one loving and the caring owner was selected to give happiness to Kai forgetting the dark days he had in the past.

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