For many, Instagram is the highlight of their lives. They show off their exotic journeys, fancy food, and hit an exotic pose in front of expensive toys, which is entirely their choice. However, once you dive into a sea of ​​winning shots, you end up with the idea that all their days will be the same. Feel like a loser when you compare yourself to those unattainable standards.

So it’s healthy to remind yourself that not only do these films show a small part of their lives, but there are dozens of releases behind those sexy scenes. The angle may have given them a double chin, and a dog barking in the background; These images are rejected.

Recently, the Thai model Vienna did just that. He wanted to show his 150K followers more than meets the eye for each “perfect” photo on social media and released a series of ‘Instagram vs. Reality’, which was echoed by everyone online.

More info: Instagram / Youtube


Vienna became a model when she was 19 years old. “When I had about 10K followers on Twitter, I went to Tokyo for a vacation. I met a woman there and we photographed together as we walked down the street. After she posted our photo online, her modeling company contacted me and asked me to work with them,” Vienna b Roth told Panda.


Vienna said she mostly uses Instagram to document her travels around the world. “I love traveling and photography, so I want people to know more about me and all the places I go to.”

For her Instagram vs. Reality series, Vienna used some of the after-effects in “perfect” photos, which really highlights the contradiction between the lateral images. “In those photos, I used an app called Yulik.” This software helps people to change themselves “nicely”, which touches their eyes, nose, and mouth.”

However, the “real” ones weren’t handled, and I used my normal camera. That’s why my face is super different in them.”



















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Ding Dong
Ding Dong
3 years ago

So funny