Nowadays, people are more interested in watching and recording other people’s misery. The most possible reason would be such people want to upload it in a social networking site. So Here’s Another example of how corrupt the world has become.

One of the twitter accounts has posted a video which would melt our hearts. It is a short clip of a woman who is struggling with life and death. She was hanging from a window on the 7th floor of a building. However, The observer watches as she falls to the ground below after pleading for help from the woman filming. Something definitely hard to believe. This Harsh woman has stood there and filmed the whole scenario without helping the poor maid.

Instead Of Helping Her, This Woman Films Maid Fall From 7th Floor Window

As the maid dangles on for her life, the woman yells at her, “come back you lunatic!” Stated in CNN.

“Hold me! Hold me!” the maid replies, before falling.

This video Contains sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing:

Incredibly, the maid managed to live, but maid suffered a broken arm and injuries to her nose and ears.

This video Contains sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing:

The maid claimed it was not a suicide attempt.

“The lady put me in the bathroom and was about to kill me in the bathroom without anybody finding out, she would have thrown my body out like rubbish, so instead of staying there, I went to save myself and then I fell,” maid said from a hospital, according to Middle East Eye. “Praise is to God, I was protected. And so, what can be done?”

The employer was charged for multiple reasons, including filming a video instead of helping someone. Stated in CNN.

“The Kuwait Society for Human Rights on Friday called on the authorities to investigate the case and refer it to court. “The oil-rich Gulf state is home to more than 600,000 domestic helpers, a majority of them Asians, many of whom complain of abuse, mistreatment, and non-payment of wages. “Hundreds of maids escape their employers every year over abuse, and the government has set up shelters for them. Some seek help from their embassies.”

When someone is begging you for help you really need to help them! That is humanity. Instead of that, you should never think “Wow, I should film this and upload it to Social Media”.

If you were in the recorders state what would you have done?

Fortunately, the maid managed to survive, but such miserable incidents could even happen to you or someone you love. Therefore, things like this should never happen. We should not let others die to become famous.

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