During the time of fireworks, we often see that people are having trouble due to the sound. Some find it difficult to sleep and they find it very annoying. Just think if it’s like that for we humans how would it be for pets. There are pets like dogs who get anxiety due to the sounds.

And for this problem, there are solutions like closing all the doors and windows of the house and taking them on walks during the daytime as fireworks are very less at that time, etc… Also, there are things like stress bands or calming jackets that you can buy. But this hack is not much expensive and easy. A student had come up with this idea to help pets and it had gone viral.

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#1 Student who is from the UK has done this with his dog and it had worked for him to calm his dog

Image credits: Caitlin Miller

This student Caitlin Miller who is from South Sheilds and is 17 years old had shared on Facebook about this $30 costing hack. She had written on Facebook that for anyone whose dogs are scared of fireworks, instead of using anti-stress bands you can just get a pair of old socks and cut the ends and put them tightly on their heads. 

#2 it’s not costly at all. All you need is a pair of old socks

Image credits: Caitlin Miller

Had said that through this the pets get a sensation of being cuddled and that it relaxed them. And had said that they used it the year before and are using it this year. And had said that she wanted to share this with her friends.

#3 Her hack was inspired by an anti-stress band online which costs about $12

Image credits: Caitlin Miller

She had been inspired by an anti-stress band that she had seen online to create this. The band she had seen was something more than $12. And rather than buying one she had created her own one for her loving pet. Her Facebook post had received more than 1.4k likes and over 11k likes.

And someone had shared another tip. That person has said that the Tubigrip bandage works too. Ane one other person had said that there’s no sock in the world that would go through his dog’s head. 

#4 Here what people said about this new hack

Make sure to leave a comment and tell us what you think about this hack. Will it help your pet too.

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