You have finally landed an interview for the job of your dreams and now you are worried sick and in panic mode because you do not want to mess up this opportunity of a lifetime. At this point, you are going through interview questions to figure out how to ace an interview. That’s okay, but don’t forget to look up one aspect that can land you the job even if you didn’t manage to answer all the questions right; your physical appearance. Interviewers analyze so many things on an interviewee and this blog will guide you on how to boost your confidence for an interview using your physical appearance.

Dress Code

Interview Looks That Will Boost Your Confidence and Land You the Job

Most interviewees think that if the company you are looking to join has a casual approach to dressing, then you can show up in casual wear for the interview as well. Do not fall victim to this kind of reasoning. Whenever you are appearing for an interview, always make sure that you are in official wear. First impressions matter a lot and if you show them that you mean business on day one then you will be taken seriously even as an employee, if you land the job of course. 

For men, opt for a white, cream or light blue shirt with official trousers. Avoid multi-coloured shirts for interviews. Boost your look with a tie and you are good to go. For the ladies, a trouser suit or skirt will do. An official dress is also appropriate as long it is not too short as that will make you and your interviewer uncomfortable.

Jewelry and Accessories

Interview Looks That Will Boost Your Confidence And Land You The Job

When going for an interview, do not wear so much jewelry that will most likely divert attention from you. Go for small pieces of jewelry that accentuate your look and not big pieces that make you look like you are showing off. If you have tattoos, ensure they are well covered as they might give people a bad impression of who you are, unfortunately that is how society is. 

For men, a nice pair of leather watch to go with your suit is enough. Ladies can have on one pair of earrings, avoid dangling ones if you can. Other accessories include a medium size hand bag for ladies and a briefcase for men. In simple terms, avoid over-accessorizing for an interview, simple and smart is enough.

Make Up

Interview Looks That Will Boost Your Confidence And Land You The Job

When it comes to interviews, I believe this point applies mostly to the ladies. If you are a makeup fanatic who likes to go all out with different looks, try to control yourself just this one time. Wearing too much makeup to an interview will distract the interviewers and they will not listen to a word you say. 

Be modest, if you must have your lashes on, go for short custom faux lashes that do not attract attention and do not make you look like you are going for a party in Vegas. This is not to say that you should hide your personality, it is just a way of showing your professional side and respecting the occasion.

Choice of Footwear

Interview Looks That Will Boost Your Confidence And Land You The Job

When you walk into an interview room, most interviewers will inspect you from head to toe. You might assume that they will not notice your shoes but you are wrong, they will. For the ladies, a nice pair of medium high heels are ideal, they both work to boost your confidence as you walk in and also do not cause a distraction. Ensure that the heels do not make too much noise as you walk. For men, a smart pair of official shoes will work just fine. Make sure that they are well polished and on point. 

General Hygiene

Interview Looks That Will Boost Your Confidence And Land You The Job

This seems like an obvious point but we will mention it anyway. Please do not walk into an interview all sweaty with an odor. This will immediately take out points for you. If you have to leave the house three hours early to avoid running please do. Use mild deodorant and perfume so you smell nice. A bad odor will make your interviewees uncomfortable and they will just be checking the time waiting for you to leave. 

Make sure you have a clean pair of face mask on in adherence to the covid 19 safety protocols. Avoid handshaking unless your interviewer offers you their hand first; it is rude to refuse to shake it. Also ensure you have your hand sanitizer with you for such instances, but only use it after you leave the room. Some of these gestures matter a lot when relating to people in general.


Interview Looks That Will Boost Your Confidence

An interview room is a place to show your professionalism, but that does not mean that you should hide your personality completely. These people will get to know you on a personal level anyway; if you get the job. If you are asked about your personal interests do not be shy to discuss them as that question is usually meant to test your level of openness and honesty. I hope these few pointers will help you ace your next interview. All the best and hope you land the job.

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