When we talk about hard times, there is no one in the world who has not faced one. It is part of our journey as everyone has to go through difficulties, struggles, troubles, breakdowns, etc. but this is the time we lack our motivation to move on with life, become depressed.

Do you feel exhausted from within during this time?

When there is a break down our soul becomes tired and we become emotionally weak. Sometimes we feel exhausted from living, moreover, it is really hard to explain or get treatments. When there is physical pain, we always go to a doctor but mental illness is not that easy to recognize at once. when our should is tired, the entire system does not function properly.

So that today we present you some ways to re-energize your tired soul to become happily motivated again.

How to tell if your soul is tired?

1. Resting does not help anymore

First of all, when you are going through a hard time period, you tend to rest or sleep more hours than before, but it is not going to re-energize even after 8 hours of complete sleep at night. All you feel is tired and restless in the morning.

2. Achieving goals is a pipe dream

When your should is tired, whatever you try to do for achieving your dream does not properly work. You are incapable of working on different ways on your tasks and it is complicated to solve simple problems.

03. Determining it physically

This is the way to identify whether your soul is tired or not.

Firstly, rub your hand for about thirty seconds and then separate them by 4-5 cms. Do you feel a warm sensation between your hands?

This process should be repeated but this time makes the gap about 9-10 cms.

Repeatedly do the process until you reach a point where you do not feel a warm sensation or any buzz between your hands.

Before reaching your shoulder width if you reach this point, that means you are completely running low on soul energy and your soul is tired.

What are the reasons which cause your soul to become tired?

Out of many reasons which make you tired and devoid of energy, below we listed the main 10 reasons.

-You are lying to yourself

-You are not able to say “NO”

-You are doing something against your inherent nature

-You are engaging yourself in gossip, petty arguments, and fights

-You are berating yourself and having negative thoughts about oneself

-You are holding onto the past and grudges

-You are hanging our narcissist and toxic people

-You are feeling unloved and lacking self-love

They take a serious change on your soul and deprive your soul of all the energy and positivity although these may seem very petty things.

How to fix your tired soul?

-You are the most important person, so love yourself

-You can change yourself, so be positive towards yourself

-Let your hidden talents come up, so be creative and let your imagination flow

-Let your soul cure, so do meditation on a regular basis

-You are your best friend, so stop hanging around negative and toxic people, instead spend some quality time with your real friends

-You can be your hero, so cleanse your spirit

-Past is past, you cannot change it, so let go of the past

-Your soul is your responsibility, so use crystals to heal yourself and recharge your soul

At the moment, you may feel like doing these things are impossible, remember time heals everything so over time you will feel more optimistic. Later in your life, you will be reenergized and happy with what you do. Your soul will be recharged to its full energy. Life is too short to worry, heal yourself because if you can’t do it, no one can.