Women are continuously criticized for breastfeeding in public places because certain people complained about the way they fed their babies.  However, Public breastfeeding has been legal across 50 states in 2018.

Therefore, nursing mothers can make sure their babies are not hungry anywhere in public and they can breastfeed without having to worry about any criticisms.

Furthermore, there were two states called Utah and Idaho that did not have certain laws in place to protect nursing mothers who need to breastfeed in public. However, Idaho and Utah recently created laws in order to protect mothers who are nursing in public. These states are making movements to make breastfeeding more widely accepted as a cultural norm.

Utah Rep. Justin Fawson was the brave man of nursing moms in Utah, who has sponsored the Breastfeeding Protection Act this year.

“I don’t feel like we should ever relegate a mom to a restroom to breastfeed their child,” Fawson said during an interview. “That’s a big reason why I’m running the bill. I’m seeking to further normalize breastfeeding and allow moms to feed their babies as needed.”

Rep. R. Curt Webb, one of the five who voted against the measure, expressed concerns about modesty.

“But this seems to say you don’t have to cover up at all,” he said. “[I’m] not comfortable with that at all, I’m just not. It’s really in your face.”

Furthermore, someone clarified to him that breasts are literally present in the universe for mothers to feed their babies.

However, issues with the wording notwithstanding, with these two pieces of legislation it is officially legal to breastfeed in public in all 50 states.

After all, these laws are only necessary because many people see breastfeeding as something sexual or perverse.

There are countless reasons why women should and are able to breastfeed anytime, anywhere. Some of them are:

  • Child has a right to eat.
  • Child has a right to eat without a blanket over their head
  • Child’s right to eat under sanitary conditions (i.e. not in a washroom)
  • Mothers do not have to end up with a soaking wet shirt when their milk lets down in public because their baby is crying.
  • To cut down on unnecessary noise from babies and toddlers who are crying, when it could easily be fixed through the nourishment and comfort of their mother’s breast.

Nursing Mothers do not deserve to be discriminated because of her sex, including pregnancy and breastfeeding when giving the best thing to their baby.