The temperature has dropped to -40F in Ontario, As a result, a wonderful sight was witnessed in the Niagara Falls.

Due to the Polar Vortex, a view of the Niagara fall has become beautiful. It has partially frozen. So This is a good chance for the tourists to see the beauty in Niagara Falls. It is evident that the solid ice flowing making the water that flows at great pressure a sight to behold. Not only that, Ice and snow cover flora and fauna surrounding the American, Horseshoe and Bridal Veil Falls. However, these amazing images are circulating among many people via the internet.

nayagara water falls

As mentioned in DailyMail, river ice formation is taking place every year. However, frozen falls are very rare incident because this was noticed during the polar vortex events of 2014 and 2015. In this time a lot of Americans feeling colder than ever before. Unfortunately, it has also killed at least 21 people by the second day it continued.

frozen nayagara water falls

This unbelievable cold wave claimed at least 13 lives. Regrettably, 8 people have passed away in Chicago after the temperatures kept dropping.

“People died from cold-related injuries. So while things might be absolutely magical for some, it is a harsh reality for others”Stated by A doctor at the city’s John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital, Stathis Poulakidas.

frozen city

A trauma specialist has mentioned that the hospital has inclined to quite a few victims of frostbite. The temperatures have fallen more than expected this time, Illinois and Iowa recorded temperatures of -38F and -30F respectively which is unbelievable.

city skyline

Due to these weather conditions, many lives have been disrupted. As an example, 2,300 flights canceled and 1,500 delayed which makes people’s lives very hard. However, marvel at the delightful sight that greets us when we head to Lake Michigan.

frozen sea

There are things which are beautiful in this cold weather, but at the same time it makes people’s lives hard and put them in tough situations. Water pipes need to be fixed and there are risks of other pipes overflowing as the temperatures continue to drop. Across the cities, it caused transport issues and school remained closed due to the freezing wind.

bench in snow

Luckily, Dozens of cities have in progress to dedicate their time and energy to protect helpless lives from the cold. Senior citizens and homeless people are the ones who are suffering very much due to these weather conditions.

Certainly, it is something breathtaking, but the wonderful photos that have spread among social media sites.

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