Jackson Bezzant is a seven years old kid who was having breakfast at school, however, senior students at the school approached and called him by saying “monsters “and “ugly” while Jackson was sitting there without any help.

Fortunately, the teacher supported him and took notice of the incident. The teacher was able to stop the students who were trying to bully that innocent kid.

However, Jackson dad was very upset about the incident which was happened at school.

Treacher Collins syndrome is a condition that affects the development of bones and other tissues of the face. The signs and symptoms of this disorder vary greatly, ranging from almost unnoticeable to severe. Most affected individuals have underdeveloped facial bones, particularly the cheekbones, and a very small jaw and chin (micrognathia).

So Jackson was born with Teacher Collin Syndrome and he has already experienced one surgery in order to remake his eye socket.

As per Dan’s view, he thinks that Jackson keeps on being bullied from people because of his appearance and it is not better for Jackson’s future.

“One time, a woman walked past us, and we could hear her say, ‘Did you see that little boy’s face?’” he recounts

Dan decided to take a stand, after getting to know what has happened to his kid at school. Therefore, he made a Facebook post, however, it went viral more than he expected.

More info: Facebook / Dan Bezzant

Check below to see why the post has gone viral.

This is Jackson Bezzant who was born with Teacher Collin Syndrome. It is evident that he will have to undergo many procedures throughout his life.

This is Jackson’s father, Dan who is worrying about his child.

This is a Facebook post which was created by Dan after he decided enough was enough.

My heart is in pieces right now and my soul feels like its ripping from my chest and this beautiful young man my son Jackson has to endure a constant barrage of derogatory comments and ignorance like I’ve never witnessed. He is called ugly and freak and monster on a daily basis by his peers at school. He talks about suicide and he’s not quite 8!
He says he has no friends and everyone hates him. Kids throw rocks at him and push him shouting these horrific words and please please take a minute and imagine if this were your child. Take a minute to educate your children about special needs. Talk to them about compassion and love for our fellow man. His condition is called Treacher Collins. Maybe even look it up. He’s endured horrific surgery and has several more in the coming years.
Anyway, I could go on … but please educate your children.
Please share this. This shouldn’t be happening and to anyone.

Dan never expected that his post will be shared along with many people.

After Dan shared the post, many people tried to become friendly and protect him.

Dan is not blaming Jackson’s school or teachers.

“I want parents to see my post and feel my heart break,” he says. “Please educate your children and let them know that bullying is not OK,” Dan Mentioned.

Dan says that because of the Facebook post, Jackson was able to connect with two other kids who are living with the same syndrome. This is a great opportunity for Jackson to make new friends.

As a Dad, Dan thought that he has to set up a PO Box so that it would enable Jackson to receive cards and warm wishes. However, it was succeeded because Jackson received many wishes and it is already filling up.

Dan was a courageous father who took a stand because of his child’s condition. Please share this inspiring story with your friends.

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