Many people are absolutely in love with tea. They love to have tea at any time of the day and there is a separate culture associated with a tea drinking habit. Particularly, Japan is famous around the world for their unique tea culture. The taste, the presentation of the tea and many other associated factors have changed over time but one thing that remained unchanged in this tea culture is the traditional designs of the tea bags. Despite, all the changes, the initial design remains the same and that is why the famous Japanese company, Ocean Teabag has come up with a new idea to crave their customers to have more tea.

The famous tea company has partnered with an oddity shop as well as a bookstore, Village Vanguard to create a series of animal-themed teabags. They have created many tea bags with different designs.

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These tea bag designs include jellyfish, octopus, isopods and even a few land animals such as tanuki.

When you add the tea bag to your cup, it will appear as if a creature is floating there in your cup! So, no need to say that the sight would be something really worth to add to your Instagram!

The company was started 3 years ago and their first design was a dolphin tea bag. It has later grown into more unique designs and now one tea bag will cost around 1,829 yen which is around $16. There are 10 people in the company currently but they are thinking that with the growing demand the team would grow bigger too!

Their squid-shaped tea bag is filled with black Pu’er tea and the team says that they were inspired by real squid-ink. The sweet persimmon flavor included in the tea will make you mesmerize and you will crave more for the taste.

The squid-shaped tea bag is filled with black Pu’er tea that was inspired by squid ink and it also has a sweet persimmon flavor added as well. Meanwhile, the octopus tea bag is filled with Keemun tea.

The octopus tea bag is filled with Keemun tea and the penguin-shaped one is filled with Chamomile tea.

The team has also planned to create moving as well as glowing tea bags in the future and in their online shop, you can see more than 50 types of unique tea bags now.

When it comes to the tea tradition, the records state that tea was first served in Japan by Emperor Shomu in the year 729 during a very special Buddhist ceremony.

Tea has quite a history in Japan. At first, tea was associated with Japanese nobility and was regarded as a type of medicine. However, after the tea ceremony was invented at the end of the 16th century, tea eventually became something drunk by both nobles and commoners alike. In 1859, tea finally became something to be used every single day and not only on rare occasions. (Not so) fun fact: tea leaves in Japan used to be tediously hand-rolled until the 19th century. It was boring work that seriously restricted tea production. However, things eventually changed for the better with technological improvements.

Tea in Japan is massively consumed due to its health benefits. Unfortunately, Japanese tea production is at an all-time low, meaning the next time you want to have a taste of delicious Japanese tea, you might just have to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun.

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