Do you own a cat as a pet? Do you want to tag your cat along everywhere you go? This is great news for you then. There are several items of furniture made for cats, such as; mini beds, stools, and playhouses.

But when you sit down at the table, you either have to have your cat on the table which is a bit disturbing or down on a seat where it can’t reach you. This has disconnected cat owners from their cats when they work and dine. Well, now you have a solution for that as well, there is a new table crafted by the company Dinos in Japan. You will be able to make your cat a part of whatever is going on at the table now. Scroll down to check out this awesome piece of furniture below.

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The Table With The Cat Seat

Since there are a lot of pet cats in Japan, Dinos have designed this table which will be very successful. This design has an opening in the middle of the table with a small seat underneath it. This allows your feline to take a seat and pop its head out of the opening so, it can sit and join you at the table when you are there.

The opening is placed in the middle so that, you can protect your work from unauthorized inspection and also piracy of your food. This opening also comes with a covering that you can cover up the opening when your cat is not available to join you or if you need some me-time.


The Product


The Cat Can Join You


You Can Cover It Up As Well



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How Your Pet Can Join


It Can Be A Normal Table As Well
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