There are a lot of countries that offer sleeper train facilities. But have you seen any country that offers high quality sleeper-coaches that are equipped with modern showers inside them?

This is a very attractive service given by the Japanese. Japanese have a very impressive railroad service with high speed trains and they are known all over the world for that. They are also known globally for their neatness and their high levels of service. Sleeper trains went out of style a few years ago and the number of trains dropped in their numbers. There are two trains still in operation that provide a very attractive sleeper train service in Japan. Sunrise Seto and the Sunrise Izumo are the names of those trains. They leave Tokyo together as a single train to Okayama and they travel separately. Scroll down to check out more exciting details about these trains.




This becomes very interesting for the features that it offers its passengers. The general sleeping areas are ‘Nobi Nobi’ areas, this comes free with a ticket. But if you want a personal cabin, you can buy one for yourself





This train-ride also comes with a modern showering area. But you should buy a ticket which allows you 6 minutes of showering facilities and there is a limit on the number of tickets as well.





They offer you lounges, restaurants, vending machines, and so on. You can also taste a menu which is prepared by very fine Chefs who are actually Michelin-starred!





Many people prefer this train-ride rather than spending the night in a hotel room. The ride is swift, fast and also with the comfort that will keep you relaxed until you reach your destination.












W0746203-1 / Wikipedia Commons



Anyone who has taken this train will always prefer this over a night at a hotel.


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