In life things always don’t happen as we want them to be. It’s always hard for us to move on with life but anyhow we have to overcome the difficulties and live as we want. A perfect example of overcoming difficulties and embracing ourselves is Jasmine Vine.

She, who was born as a male had realized that she was not meant to be so and started to change from a male to a female. Now she’s a beautiful lady who leads a good life helping others to come out of difficulties and live as they want.More info & Photo courtesy:  Jasmine Vine | Facebook | |


As she had said the name Jasmine Vine is a name that had picked for herself as she started to change to this lovely transgender woman. Her home environment was really bad, her parents were more into drugs, she had been bullied in school since childhood. She had faced a lot of difficulties in life and when her age was 7 years she had even thought of ending her precious life.


Though she was born as a boy she never felt that she was meant to be a boy.


She’s fond of helping out people. When she was 14 he shared about her transition on YouTube and many have said that she helped a lot of people out and encouraged them. As she’s fond of helping out, knowing the fact that she can do it has helped her to get through a lot of tough times in her life.


She had faced a lot of difficult situations in life.


Finally, she is what she wants to be.


As she had mentioned she had faced quite a lot of health-related problems too like depression, panic disorder, anxiety, and many more, and also she had lost both her mom and dad. Visiting a psychiatrist had helped her a lot.


She had transitioned herself.


As she had said it was hard dealing with her own mind as it had become her biggest and worst enemy. After working many years in many ways like consulting psychiatrists and counselors and also by doing her own work she has now recovered and now she’s doing well.


She’s now working in her dreams helping out the people facing similar situations as her.


She had said that now she’s all ready to help as many people as she can. And now she’s into her dreams. She had said that she never thought she could become the person she’s now.


At last, now she’s happy and in the way she loves.


 She had said that she wants people to know that anyone can go through bad things in life. But they will change. They just have to be confident and make their lives better. She has made her life the way she wants and she’ll help others too.




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