Hollywood is a place where anything goes on. Recently, iconic Jennifer Lopez managed to grab the attention of the whole world as she shared a kiss with her former fiancé Ben Affleck.

This couple was in the spotlight back in the day before they broke up. It is reported that they were overwhelmed with work and their lives being put under a microscope to the public. After Jennifer Lopez became single recently, she is reported to be hanging out with Ben Affleck and they might be back together. This topic recently became viral as the couple shared a kiss at a dinner.

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It is also rumored that Jennifer Lopez will also be moving into Los Angeles, which will be closer to Affleck.

A reporter who was present at the dinner reported that the couple was really affectionate at the dinner, sitting close and holding hands the entire time. Reporters have shown their interest in this story because, unlike the past. Both of them are matured and they are both successful in their occupation.


A lot of movie fans support this duo and their reunion. But another problem prevails. The two of these movie stars have their own kids. JLo has Max and Emme, the twins and Affleck has three children as well. As much as the adults like each other, the children have to like the other parties as well. There is still no open comment from either side.



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As an upside in this matter, JLo’s mother is still in close contact with her. Affleck might find his way easier since JLo’s mother liked him as well.



People have dropped all sorts of comments on social media platforms about this matter. But as long as they are happy together, we should just wish them the best! Drop your thoughts about this matter in the comments section below.





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