The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex revealed a lot of shocking information about their experience at the Buckingham palace on an Oprah Winfrey Interview. The interview took the World by storm and now it is a trending topic worldwide.

But only a lesser number of people remember that John Oliver, he predicted that Meghan and Harry will be walking into a storm themselves. In 2018, he appeared on the Stephen Colbert’s Late Night Show. He almost precisely mentioned everything that Meghan and Harry shared in their interview with Oprah.Image credits: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Stephen Colbert interview re-surfaced with Oprah’s interview going viral.

If you are not aware of the Interview that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry featured, check our previous article on the Interview.

Oliver ‘bluntly’ states his point on the matter.

John Oliver somehow knew that this was going to happen back in 2018. He then proceeded to explain why he made such a statement, also his view on specific occasions of the Royal family.

His ‘predictions’ were almost accurate.

Oliver stated, plugging in to the Royal family would not be a wise decision since they were a set of “emotionally stunted group…”. Therefore he would not be surprised if Meghan backs down from her decision to join the Royal Family.

Even though this interview went on with jokes and a light weight to it. It is so surprising how John Oliver managed to predict all these.

He then also proceeded to make jokes on other topics related to Royalty.

You can re-watch the video  of this interview on YouTube and be a judge yourself on how accurate Oliver was.


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