John Wick is an action movie series that won the heart of millions of people over the world. Recently, the star of the action series, Keanu Reeves was interviewed by Stephen Colbert on Friday night at his Late show to discuss John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.

The show commenced with inquiries about the fight scenes of the movie and Keanu made everyone laughed with his witty comments. He frankly praised his stuntman Jackson Spidel for his superb movements and admit that he does only ‘action’ parts. One of those scenes was riding a horse and Keanu made the whole audience laughed by telling “It’s John Wick! Instead of just riding a horse, you have to have a gunfight and all that stuff, too”.

However, more than anyone Keanu himself seemed to be enjoying all those actions that he acted out. He smiling said it was fun to ride a horse and admitted that he was very well aware that he could even have died when performing those dangerous acts.

However, apart from all the talks about the movie, the final part of the show was really emotional and touched everyone’s heart. When Stephen questioned him ‘what do you think happens when we die’  he emotionally said that ‘I know that the ones who love us will miss us! It truly touched everyone’s heart as Keanu is known for having a tragic past. Most of the people who were so dear and so close to his heart faced sudden and unexpected deaths and now the famous actor is mostly living a life of seclusion with only a few friends around him. After the death of his wife and his best friend, he is not known to have had any committed relationship nevertheless, he still enchants the heart of millions with his good heart.

So, watch the interview below to know more about action and fight scenes and there is no doubt that you would end up loving Keanu more!

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