There is a perception in every generation that they are well-mannered, listened to better music, wore nice clothes and were normally greater in every way to the bratty, entitled kids of nowadays.

However, it seems like a true insight, some kids are selfish, self-absorbed, and self-serving, sometimes it could be wrong and rude. This completely oblivious to social norms and basic human decency.

kid in subway
Image credits: da_drought_3

It seems like this is a huge generalization. However, after this incident, posted by Twitter user Isabel, this is a lack of good parenting. A selfish kid was spread-eagled out over two or three seats on the subway while his guardian sat by next to him. She also was in a different world.

Image credits: da_drought_3

This is something unfair, feel a bit angry by the unfairness of it all and continue to stand, whereas the boy inconsiderately enjoyed on his own personal couch. However. A young person, tired of still standing, showed up and was having none of it. “This lil ass— wouldn’t move his legs for 3 adults, so this guy comes and just SITS on his legs #mykidcouldnever,” Isabel tweeted along with a few pics and a short video of the incident.

angry kid
Image credits: da_drought_3

His face after having his bubble spurt is invaluable. He looks honorably shocked at being called out for his egotistical behavior, and his guardian seemed to reluctantly defend him without ever looking truly worried either way.

Image credits: da_drought_3
Image credits: da_drought_3

That person got a lot of praise on Twitter after the post was updated over 47k times. Every person has to have a fair space on public transport, either it could be a kid or an adult.

Image credits: da_drought_3
Image credits: da_drought_3

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