In this video, three kittens are seen ‘hopping’ like bunnies, undoubtedly because they were raised around rabbits.

They play together but the kits (rabbit babies are known as kits) don’t seem to notice or care that the kittens don’t look exactly like them. They are almost the same size. Though their ears and tails may be a little different, they still get along because these rabbit babies seem to think of these kitten friends as their family.

It seems that they spend a lot of time together as the kittens have started picking up a few rabbit habits, like hopping. Sometimes they are so intermingled that it’s hard to distinguish whether it is a kitten or a kit.

Kittens hop like rabbit babies

As the rabbit experts say, when the rabbits are feeling happy, they do a little hop of joy expressed like twist, called” binky”. These bunnies have taught their kitty playmates how to hop as well as how to do the binky step. This is unbelievable, but it’s true! The kittens have mastered this motion and at times, these kittens fly higher than these rabbit babies.

Kittens act like rabbits

While they are playing, the kittens run to their owner who is filming, which seems like they are saying, “who am I? Am I a kit or a kitten? I’m pretty sure you can’t find me”, sarcastically.

They play well together without having any idea that sometimes cats and rabbits don’t get along. Also, these kittens don’t use their sharp nails or teeth to hurt their rabbit friends.

At one point in the video, one of the kittens easily hops over a kit, and later a kitten presses up next to his bunny friend, and they move along together, happily. The group seems to like to stick close to each other.

Not only they play together, but they also chew grass together although it seems so weird.

Some say rabbits can be litter box trained. It is possible because of this mutual bond between this cuteness overloaded kits and kittens.

Enjoy the video below!

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