The cake is one of the most loved food in the world, it has been prevailing from very old times and it is still a very loved type of food in the world. Originating as an exclusive type of food that was mostly present in the aristocratic household, it became labeled as food with ‘class’.

Later on, as the social systems changed and with the emergence of capitalism, people had the freedom to enjoy cakes if they have the means to bake or buy them. Different types of cakes have been made and found all along the culinary history with twists and turns made by bakers all around the world. But these changes were incorporated to the same base of cake making with very few changes to the main recipe. But, lately, there have been newer inventions as ‘cake’ emerged in different forms which differ from the typical cake recipe. This article is about such a type of cake that has been introduced and we are sure that you might like to try it out.


Noodle Cake
Image Credit: Diply

Check this out! This cake is mainly made out of instant noodles! Instant ramen noodles to be accurate. Preparing approximately 14 standard packs of this instant ‘ramen’ noodles, this strange cake was crafted in Jakarta, Indonesia. In this age where people want to try different things and stray off the paths of old traditions, this new invention is very interesting.


Noodle Cake
Image Credit: Diply

Cake has always been a type of food that is sweet and sugary, but not this cake. Owners of a cafe in Jakarta decided to try out this noodle-cake to make a different type of cake that will satisfy people who love more of a savory taste than sweetness. After this noodle is crafted into the shape of a cake they crisp it and top it with different types of savory meat toppings. These toppings might include chicken, beef, meatballs and every other typical meat dish.


Noodle Cake
Image Credit: Diply

Let us know what you think about this new invention and it is so easy that you can try it at home!

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