Memorial Day is indeed the day that marks the beginning of summer for everyone across the country, but it also has much more significance. It’s when the brave men and women are remembered and honored for their ultimate sacrifices while serving this country.

Memorial Day Celebration

When assembling your patio furniture, pools, hot tubs, and pool tables for your annual get-togethers, ensure to include flags among your decor, all-American cuisine like hamburgers and hot dogs for your barbecue, and fireworks, paying tribute using these outdoor activities.

Consider a few suggestions on activities you can participate in that will help you and your kids celebrate the day as intended.

Celebrate Memorial Day In Patriotic Fashion

When getting your coolers, grills, and patio furniture, all of which you can find at Watson’s, don’t forget to pick up your flags and patriotic decor to prepare for the ultimate Memorial Day celebration.

The day marks one of the most meaningful holidays when people come together to remember and honor the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives while serving the country.

Find a few activities you can do on Memorial Day at and then consider some of these suggestions for you and your family to participate in when paying tribute.

●      The true meaning of the holiday is our soldiers

Pay tribute on Memorial Day to honor a special veteran in your life, or celebrate all veterans by attending a local parade or memorial service. You can also walk through a veterans cemetery in reflection on the service the soldiers offered and the sacrifice they ultimately gave.

In honor of these men and women, homes throughout the country will be flying flags and decorating their homes in red, white, and blue for their Memorial Day celebrations as a sign of gratitude and respect.

It’s a day that should be explained to children who know the day as the beginning of summer, pools opening, and barbecues.

Still, they should understand the true meaning of the holiday so they too can grow to display their honor and respect for those who serve the country.

●      Host a garden get together

The holiday also marks the beginning of the summer season. Still, you can marry the two occasions by gathering family and friends together with a potluck in the spirit of the holiday. Each person can bring a favorite family dish and reflect on a story of a loved one who served.

Encourage everyone to bring photos of their family members as you sit around the fire pit, passing the picture around, pulling beverages from the ice chest, listening to music until the sun sets, and it’s time to pull out the fireworks in honor of the ones you’ve been celebrating.

●      Outdoor activities will be celebrated in local areas

Especially in the local parks, there will be celebrations throughout the country.

The ideal way to commemorate the holiday is with a lovely picnic basket stocked full of staples for Memorial Day. These can include potato salad, apple pie, club sandwiches, root beer, or anything that reminds you of the all-American holiday.

When looking for the perfect spot, check out the local listings for locations where there will be concerts, parades, and veterans speaking. Invite close friends and family so you can relish a pleasant gathering, maybe even by the water so you can participate in some water sports.

Consider games like touch football and cornhole, take a nature hike, or maybe you can enjoy peaceful reflection on the water if you have canoes or kayaks.

●      Barbecue is a prominent activity

Setting up the grill for a barbecue is the primary activity most families will enjoy on Memorial Day, with the patio set up for dining and relaxing. At the same time, the kids jump in the pool, and the adults soak in the hot tub.

Most people will have hamburgers and hot dogs with simple cold sides like macaroni or potato salads and pies for dessert. Everyone will have a deep appreciation for the significance of the holiday as they connect more meaningfully than most times they get together.

Memorial Day Celebration

Final Thought

Memorial Day is set aside to honor fallen heroes and allows everyone to welcome the summer season. Gatherings will have more meaning on this special day with reflection on loved ones who served and the sacrifices that so many made.

Remember to hang your flags, decorate your gardens and patios, ensure the hot tub is the right temp, and there are floaties for the pool. But most of all, get the grill ready with a menu including all the summer favorites like hamburgers and hot dogs.

Then invite everyone, including close friends, relatives, and neighbors, to have an evening that ends in a blast of fireworks. Watsons hopes you and yours embrace the holiday spirit and enjoy a meaningful connection with those you love.

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