Though the first coronavirus positive case in Japan was discovered in Tokyo in late January, the rise of cases in japan had been slower than most other nations. As a result, Japan’s preventive measures against the pandemic has also been slow. Due to this, presently, COVID-19 cases in japan are showing a rapid increase.

In such a situation, social distancing plays a key role to help flatten the curve. This has led Japanese Designer Eisuke Tachikawa, along with his design firm ‘Nosigner’, to release social distancing posters combining graphic design with humor to remind people about the importance of maintaining suitable distance among each other. These posters were released as a part of an initiative called ‘Pandaid’.

The series of posters depicts objects which are roughly 1-2 metres / 6 feet long, suggesting the importance of using whatever the object familiar to us as a ruler to remind ourselves about maintaining proper distance. The posters say “ Let’s stay one tuna apart.” , “Let’s stay one Tatami mat apart.” , and “Let’s stay one bicycle apart.”


One of the posters also used surreal objects, like the Beatles.

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