Some so many people are terrified to be alone. They just settle for anyone just because they don’t want to be alone. Even very intelligent and matured people just settle down even with people that they don’t like as they need marriage for their life to be fulfilled.

There are so many people out there who are afraid to be alone. They are constantly being pressurized by society to find someone and to have a special person for their life. Without that another one, they are identified as being incomplete. But why would someone need another individual? Will they be complete if they find a partner?

Most of us are so desperate and we tend to accept anyone and everyone who comes into our life. But, did you realize that being alone is not that bad after all? It is not a sickness or a curse that one should be afraid of. Being alone does not mean that you are unhappy and you are not fulfilled. So, don’t let society’s judgment make you feel down.

Being alone is, in fact, a blessing in disguise. When you are alone, you can understand yourself better. You can treat yourself in the way you deserve. No one will be there to give you hopes and make you disappointed. So, be alone if you have to. But never settle for half-assed love.

Being alone is far better than settling for someone shitty. Being alone is better than being with a person who will make your life a living hell. Who will torture your feelings and make you hate your own life?

So, be alone until you find someone who knows your worth. Who see the entire world through your eyes and who loves you like nothing. Settle only for a person who will count every single spent with you. that person will inspire you and will teach to love your own life.

After all, you have got only one life. Enjoy that life in the prettiest way possible. The key o making your life heaven lies in your own hands!

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Sta Brew
Sta Brew
4 years ago

Sound thoughts.
I’m in Orangevale California.
I’ve stayed single here for years.
Nothing here seems right.
Very nice area don’t get it wrong.
Seattle I turned down much an still stayed happy.
Guess maybe too I’ve gotten a bit more picky in my tastes.
IDK ?peace✌️