Amongst the people who ill treat street dogs, some people love them. This is a story of an Australian Shepherd puppy named Lila who was wandering around in the streets. She recently had been found lying and resting on an entrance hall of a house in La Porte, Greater Huston, Texas.

When the people of the house had seen her they had provided her food, and she had taken it as an invitation to the house and refused to leave the house. Time passed on and she hadn’t left, as the people of the house couldn’t take her in and did want her to be left around in the streets. They had asked for help from the rescue team This Is Houston.More info & Photo courtesy:


A Facebook post was also shared by the rescue team captioning the incident that happened. They had said that they are thankful for the fact that the puppy found a family that would offer some help for her. One of their rescuers had brought the pup safely as she couldn’t bear to the puppy lying down  

They had said that the 4-5 months old puppy suffers from Demodex mange and she’ll be taken to the vet. Until then she’s resting fine. Kourtney Crenshaw is the person who helps Lila, and Lila was happy to see her.


Kourtney had said to the Dodo that when she first met Lila, she was a bit nervous but as she smelled Kourtney and she pets the pup it was fine. As the pup wouldn’t walk she had taken it to the car and gone home. As it was easy to gain the trust of the puppy, Crenshaw said that the pup might have been waiting for help.

Little Lila had been taken to the vet and she’s been treated for the conditions caused due to the Demodex mange. She’s living happily with Crenshaw and Crenshaw’s also trying her best to make her recover soon so that she could find a good home for her forever stay.


As Kourtney said the pup is well adopted and she loves having back scratches and belly rubs and she loves food more than anything. When she’s all recovered and fine she’ll be ready to be adopted. 


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