If anyone gets kindness and care it can save a life too, be it a human life or an animal life. Vista Grande Fire station firefighters had saved a little 14 weeks old lion cub. They had found this mountain lion cub on a roadside in Idyllwild in south California. She had been in a bad state when they had found her. She had been dehydrated and had starved a lot. At the time they had found the cub, her weight was 11 pounds.More info & Photo courtesy: San Diego Humane Society



After that help was seeked from the Department of Fish and Wild and then from there they  had spoken to the San Diego Humane Society and they had taken the cub. She is now healthy as she has received good treatments from there.



The director of public relation at the San Diego Humane Society had said to the media that the cub was given required treatment. Furthermore Nina Thompson had said that the cub is given proteins and other required nutritious meals needed . And also that they are glad that she had gained weight, now she’s 22 pounds.



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