If you are looking for a safe and friendly neighborhood as well as a vibrant, diverse, and active community, Lakeview Chicago is the place for you. It is ranked 3rd out of 10 big city neighborhoods in 2013 Money Magazine for its best selection of places to live.

Lakeview is approximately 8 miles away from the main central business district of Downtown Chicago. In this article, we are going to give you a brief overview of the safety concerns in the area and some important information about Lakeview. All you have to do is find a suitable apartment for yourself or your family from new apartment buildings in Chicago. The area will start feeling like home to you in no time.

Transportation Facilities

Wide-ranging options for public transports that draw easy access to several bus lines as well as rails in the area’s transportation scenario. It has plentiful access to the CTA bus and trains. The commute to Downtown is also very convenient from the area.

Few routes of the bus are 22 Clark Street, 11 Lincoln Ave, and 9 Ashland Ave. The Red Line, Brown Line, and Purple Line all of which run through Lakeview. Running or bike riding is a jump away of just a mile to the lakefront path.


There’s a lot you can get impressed of the apartments for rent in Hoboken; then what about Chicago? The neighborhood is incredibly safe as it is friendly to the residents. The streets are quiet because of the vast options to spend time in the diners or restaurants. There are more neighborhood restaurants than chain restaurants. There are also plenty of walking distance grocery shops, cafes, or bars.

A great mix of housing in the society makes it reasonably priced along with being very popular to the young generation looking for opportunities. Many of the young entrepreneurs are fond of innovative tools for maintaining the home office agenda.

Crime Statistics

Pick any place from the quietest suburb to the most crowded tourist spot, no area is safe. Chicago ranks on the list of top on most crime rate cities. But if you look at the number of incidents per resident these rankings crash. If you look at the crime incidents per 1000 residents of  Lakeview, the crime rates are so low that it doesn’t get better anywhere in the USA.

Having a large population in the community of the city, it is understandable that a spike in crime draws a lot of attention. Chicago has more crime problems compared to other cities of the states but it is nothing to be worried about in a neighborhood like Lakeview.

Lakeview is very much safer than any other neighborhood of Chicago, like Edgewater or the Lower West Side of the city, as per the crime stats. It is one of the safest parts of the city in summer. Every citizen should maintain common-sense precautions with fortitude regardless of where they are living so that they look less assailable to be targeted.

A baffled inhabitant or map consulting tourist can be a target painting bull’s eye in the back. Lakeview crime rates are 5% lower than the national average, making it 75% safer than any other community in Illinois. More importantly, the annual crime rate in Chicago has decreased by 6% over the years.

Living In Lakeview Chicago,


Lakeview is a diversely crowded and also the most LGBTQ-identified neighborhood, next to the lake, fulfilling transportation and giving access to a large number of entertainment needs. Living in Lakeview, you will feel safer than in any other part of Chicago.

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