As humans, we built settlements, towns, and cities where ever we live and settle. And that requires clearing out patches of forests and the land that these structures are built. But what happens when these structures get abandoned? Do they remain the same or does Nature acts up on it?

This question is answered in an abandoned cemetery in Poland. Łupków is a small village in Poland that was almost completely obliterated with the battles of World War II. After taking on so much damage, the village was abandoned, and still, it is up to date. This was recently discussed on social media after few pictures of remnants of this village resurfaced on social media. There are still few remains of a church foundation, few ruins of other structures, and a cemetery. What really made these pictures become such an attention-grabbing topic is that a sculpture of Jesus is halfway engulfed in a tree that has been growing around the sculpture for years. Scroll down to check out this amazing village where the remnants are being reclaimed very gracefully by mother nature.





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This abandoned cemetery has its ruins, crosses, and the sculpture of Jesus being reclaimed by Nature. This explains a lot about how our lives and everything in this world that we build is nothing but temporary. So, this is a very aesthetic process that is going on at Łupków, Poland. Check out these photos and let us know what you think about them in the comments section below.





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2 years ago

Wonders of nature. I was expecting this .

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