Even though we try to build our own world while pushing nature back, what we don’t understand is that we all are undeniably a part of Nature. No matter what we do or built, it will one day, go in Nature’s flow.

This is an article to present to you how easily Nature reclaims what’s hers. This is an abandoned warehouse, previously owned by Tait & Co. in Tainan, a city in Taiwan. It has been abandoned for roughly around 70+ years and the ‘Banyan’ tree beside it has reclaimed a large part of it back to Nature. Scroll down to read more about this amazing phenomenon.


Neil Wade

This building was used by the Japanese as a warehouse for a salt manufacturing company. It abandoned the country with this building after the end of World War – II. The Banyan tree has occupied this building for around 70 years now and has a good portion of it covered by its roots.

The reason this building was kept abandoned for all these years is that the local folklore considered the ariel roots of this tree as a sign of bad luck. Ever since it started accumulating the walls of the building, the locals have left it alone.


Rical Hsieh

Even though locals refuse to visit or use this place, it is now a popular tourist attraction in Taiwan. Many tourists visit this amazing site and the old merchant house of Tait & Co. which is now converted into a museum. This is a wonderful example to understand that everything that lives and exists on this planet is a part of Nature and eventually, Nature will reclaim it all in its process.

Check out the amazing photos of this building and share your thoughts about this in the comments section below.








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Rical Hsieh


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