Loving a person is not based on appearance, but is based on how that person fills your heart.

This is for all the ladies out there. In my opinion, being pride in your physical appearance is fine but the most attractive people are the ones who know that their physical appearance is not the most attractive thing about them. If you think that you only need the outer beauty to win a heart of man, then maybe you are still searching for a relationship.

Majority of men do not care about the outer appearance if you have an ugly heart. They are interested in you as a whole. Men give more attention towards one’s personality to make a decision or to get settled. There are also many other things where men considered.

Do you think that you are highly attractive? He may find you highly attractive but doing these things will instantly turn him off.

1. Gossiping about others.

2. When you are only focusing on the negativity in your life.

3. Looking at other women as it is like a competition and become jealous.

4. when you defining your happiness with materials.

5. When you are not giving him enough personal space or not allowing him to meet his friends.

6. When you are not setting any life goals or not doing things to make your life better.

7. Making fun of his interests or abilities.

8. Being childish when things go wrong.

9. Refusing to communicate with his parents.

10. Not realizing your worth and constantly relying on him to validate it.

11. When you are misbehaving or being wild after having a drink or two.

12. Taking him down in front of family and friends.

13. When you are pretending to be fine when you are clearly not.

14. Fighting with him even for small things.

15. Relying on him and others for your own happiness.

16. When you are unable to make good conversations with him.

17. When you are relying on social media and fame for happiness.

18. Being over friendly with other men and taking him down in public.

“Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.”
― Kate Angell, Squeeze Play