Dixie the foal born at the Dusty Lane Farm in Cornwall, P.E.I. had lost her loving mother Daisy Cutter when she was 11 days old. As per Dixie’s owner, she was born healthy with lots of energy. Out of the mares on the farm half of them belong to Alexis Gass and her dad Ron gas while the others belong to people who believe that they will breed the next record-setting pacer or trotter.

As Alexis who’s 16 had said they’ve had Daisy for a few years and last year Dixie was born. And Daisy had been a very good and a loving mother, the best one could have. The horses have been trained on a track at the farm and been raced by Dusty Lane.More info & Photo courtesy: CBC


After Daisy had Dixie she had been sick and was not eating or drinking well. She’s been suffering from a twisted intestine and it had caused her severe stomach aches. Though it’s common in horses it’s not fatal. They had taken both mommy and baby horse to Atlantic Veterinary College where Daisy was euthanized. As Alexis said Daisy had gone too quickly and they did not know why.

Little Dixie had been very upset, they had let her say bye to mommy and taken her back. Alexis had been with her and comforted her. It had not been a happy time as Dixie had been upset about the fact that her mom was not around her. She had also been hungry as they drink mother’s milk in the first 4 months.


Though they had found a nursing mare from a fellow breeder for Dixie it was not successful. The mare had lost its foal but didn’t want Dixie, so it had not worked. Alexis had explained that the mare would have known that it was not her foal as her foal died a week before. 

Though Alexis had tried to give Dixie milk from a bottle she had refused them. After that Alexis had shared a Facebook post saying that they needed a nurse mare for Dixie. Alexis had brought a teddy bear for Dixie’s company.


The post had been shared very quickly and they had been offered a mare from John MacKenzie, a local horseman. And then they brought the mare. The mare, Pam’s pet, had been a very good mommy to her foals, and when she met Dixie they had greeted each other well.

After Dixie was full they had put them in two stalls nearby for them to get used to each other and the following morning they had put them together again. When Alexis was in school, her grandfather called her to give her the news that both Dieixe and the nurse mare had been staying together in a stall warmly.


She was so happy that he even had tears in her eyes. And it had been a happy day as two more foals were born at the farm. Alexie had said that they had three miracles that day. And they had been relieved as Dixie was happy as they didn’t want to lose her too.


Alexie had said that we wouldn’t believe that they weren’t even biological. And that she plans to look at Dixie closely even if she was taken by someone else. And she hopes to see Dixie grow up well and become a racehorse. And she hopes to become an equine veterinarian and specialize in breeding. And also she had thanked the owners of both nurse mares for their help.

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