Woolly mammoths had been a bit similar to the African elephants in size. The fur in their bodies had helped them to survive in the Ice Age. sadly these large mammoths had died about 10,000 years ago and about 4000 years ago they have completely extinct from the earth. A woolly mammoth calf a female one had been found in the frozen tundra of Siberia.


Photo: Ruth Hartnup, CC BY 2.0

Lyuba was found by Yuri Khudi a reindeer herder and his sons in the Yamal Peninsula. As the ice had melted the body of the calf had been visible and it had been well preserved for the surprise. As they believe touching the mammoth carcasses bring bad luck they had not touched it but had informed a local museum director about it. Then the arrangements needed to move the carcass were done by the director.

When they had come to take the mammoth carcass it had not been there, later it had been discovered in a shop in the nearby town. The owner of the shop had said that he had exchanged the mammoth for 2 snowmobiles and food supply for a year from Khudi’s cousin brother. When the mammoth was moved he had been attacked by dogs and his right year and a part of the tail. They were then helped by the police to get Lyuba back. And then she had been transferred to the Shemanovsky museum in Salekhard. As Khudi helped to discover the mammoth he was given the privilege to name her, and then he had named the mammoth after her wife as Lyuba.


Photo: Stock Photos from Dotted Yeti/Shutterstock

When she died she had been around 30 to 35 days. In her trunk clay had been found and the researchers had said that maybe had been suffocated by the mud while she was drinking water or trying to cross the river along with the herd. In her tummy, her mother’s milk had also been identified and even fecal matter had been in her intestines. Lyuba is now permanently in the museum and she had even traveled for exhibitions to the UK and Australia. She’s about three feet tall and weighs about 110 pounds.

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