If you are an Android user, you already know what the use of Rooting is. But here Magisk Root is tricky. Why I am saying so is, Magisk comes as an open-source program that is more than just rooting. Let’s take a look at how Magisk Root appears to support users being useful over traditional root methods.

In year 2016, XDA developer Topjohnwu has released Magisk Root to the users as an alternative to SuperSU. In fact, this is a new tool for customizing Android in a different way. But here, Magisk Root appears to be something different from just Android root. In fact, there are some new techniques coming with the tool that you should you know before you take it in hand.

What is Magisk Root?

Magisk is the systemless root that can be simply known as modifying the system without touching the system. Here the modifications through Magisk Root are storing in the boot partition unlike modifying the system of the device in real. This is the most significant tool coming with Magisk. In fact, here the changes through Magisk Root are undetected by Google SafetyNet as the original files are found untouched even changes are already made. So here Magisk root could bypass the SafetyNet check-in consider both ctsProfileMatch and basicIntegrity successfully. You can find Magisk as an open-source program that is the main repository hosted on GitHub.

Magisk Root

Why should you choose Magisk Root?

The main reason for choosing Magisk Root over other rooting methods is Google SafetyNet. It identifies when the system has been altered and restricts certain applications or functions from working in its order. Some examples of that include Netflix, Google Pay, and Pokemon GO.

SafetyNet is a very important security feature for Android devices but with its strict measures, sometimes it becomes hard overly. So here, Magisk is the perfect solution for root users to manage with SafetyNet at the same time enjoying modifications. So you can root and modify the system still having your favorite apps like Google Pay, Netflix with no trouble. You can see the difference of Magisk Root here over SuperSU that modify the system causing SafetyNet to block certain actions.

Magisk is Updating

Since the release of Magisk Root, it holds great popularity. One top reason for that is all regular updates Magisk receives. SuperSU is somewhat behind the run of Magisk when it comes to regular updates directing through improvements. It hardly update when we find Magisk with great improvements over time.

We find Google works on regular changes affecting SafetyNet to give users the best security in default. And with that we find developer Topjohnwu working for changes in Magisk Root and all its features to keep the program working for the user. Even when it is found with errors, the developer brings something quick in return to keep Magisk the way it is. We can find this makes tool Magisk great to get the most of your Android in the best approach.

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