Due to the global pandemic, most companies were forced to organize their work in a completely different way. In practical terms, this meant working remotely and figuring out a new way of functioning. The most important thing here is to know how to organize your team so that everything goes smoothly, without major obstacles. Online brainstorming sessions are an indispensable part of every company’s successful development, but they come with a set of challenges. Following the right steps and using the right tools, such as mind mapping software can help you overcome them successfully. Here’s how to make your brainstorming sessions more fun and effective, even though they are held online.

Online Brainstorming Session More Fun And Effective

  1. Planning is the key

The key to organizing successful online brainstorming sessions is to prepare in advance. Planning is key because it allows you to get to a session ready and be as productive as possible. We all know those meetings where everyone is confused and there is no clear plan and path to follow. Such sessions usually end very unsuccessfully, because disorganization simply does not allow you to achieve the desired results. We suggest that you adequately prepare before each brainstorming session, and that all team members do the same.

  1. Make it fun

Yes, of course, the goal of brainstorming sessions is to gather ideas and get the job done, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun along the way. We suggest that you start this meeting in a positive, cheerful mood and show the team members that they can relax. That doesn’t mean you won’t be serious and put the fun in front of work. It just means that you will create an optimal atmosphere for work. Talk to all team members individually, name them one by one and ensure they feel free to present their thoughts and ideas.

  1. Make sure all team members are involved

Another very important thing is to make sure that all team members are involved in the session and actively contribute to it. You will achieve this by contacting all team members a few days before the session and giving them tasks they need to complete before brainstorming. Make them do some kind of research and come ready for a joint meeting. This will give everyone a sense of being productive and contributing. It will also be easier for them to decide to share their thoughts and views during the session and it will be much more fun for them because they are actively involved in the process. There is nothing more tiring than a brainstorming session where only a few people actively participate, while the rest just passively listen.

  1. Use the help of mind mapping software and other virtual tools

Using good mind mapping software and other virtual tools can be very effective in organizing successful virtual brainstorming sessions. Such software is designed to encourage the creativity of your team members and ensure that everyone contributes to brainstorming with their amazing ideas. Why? Because it’s fun! This facilitates the interactive cooperation of team members and ensures they stay in touch. Also, everyone is instructed on which projects are a priority and what their responsibilities are. Clarity is the first step towards successfully organizing team members and increasing their productivity. With optimal mind mapping software you will notice a significant difference in the engagement of all team members and encourage the progress of your business.

Online Brainstorming Session More Fun And Effective

Conclusion: While remote work can be beneficial to a company’s development, it also comes with a set of challenges. This also applies to brainstorm sessions that can be hard to make fun and effective when they take place online. But keep in mind that this is not impossible to achieve. By applying our advice, you will surely stimulate your employees to create and express their ideas, and this will lead to the successful progress of your business in the long run.

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