On Friday, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez imposed a 15-day cautioning, which banned the free program from peripatetic to work, food, healthcare or traveling for care. One minor exemption is that pets can be occupied out on short walks.

Days gone by, the Murcia Police Department unrestricted a video of generals impeding an unknown resident outfitted as a dinosaur:

Regulation execution did not afford added facts as to why the resident in the dinosaur clothing moved the streets of Murcia in an extra, but another video indicates it may have actually been an effort at anticipation.

In a detached tweet yesterday about the lockdown of the alarm, Murcia police wrote:

Important Period so that our pet chances his needs and don’t forget to gather their condensations. Do not habit your pet as a pretext to disturb the instructions.

COVID-19 has produced further than 630 losses in the country, allowing for an outburst chased by Johns Hopkins University. Spain is the fourth most susceptible republic in the world, with more than 14,700 cases deep-rooted.

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